butterfly-purple-transparentWelcome to Canyon Rim Children’s Center

A Reggio Emilia inspired San Diego Preschool

Canyon Rim Children’s Center (CRCC) is much more than a child care facility. Located at 6801 Easton Court, San Diego, CA 92120, CRCC has been providing high quality, enrichment preschool programs for San Diego children since 1998.

We provide a full day (7 am to 6 pm, M-F), year round, early childhood enrichment program. The CRCC learning philosophy is based on developmentally appropriate practices and is inspired by the early childhood schools in Reggio Emilia, Italy. Reggio Emilia Article

Our developmental, play-based, preschool program serves children ages two through six. As a parent, you want your child to grow up healthy, do well in school and to succeed in life. Attendance at a quality child care and preschool program can be significant in helping to achieve these goals.

CRCC, we strive to maintain child to teacher ratios lower than those required by the State of California licensing. We also require our teachers’ educational credentials to exceed those that are specified by the State.

We are truly dedicated to the individuality of children! We recognize each child is a unique person with individual patterns and rates of growth. At CRCC, a teacher’s responsibility is to guide and assist each and every child, in developing to his/her full potential.

Our natural outdoor spaces enhance curiosity & encourage children to develop an appreciation and awareness for nature.

CRCC is privileged to have some of the best outdoor learning environments of any of the preschools in San Diego. Our three large, well-equipped, natural outdoor playgrounds provide wonderful resources to support exploration and promote physical development.

Learning is a skill that does not happen by chance. Learning is a lifelong process, but first we must learn how to learn productively. At Canyon Rim Children’s Center, children are encouraged to develop the skills of observation, inquiry, concentration, problem solving, and self-reliance.

Our structured, yet open-ended, play-based program prepares each child to utilize his or her intellectual and creative abilities in future learning tasks. Here we work to give each child the tools and the foundation on which to build a lifetime of learning. Kindergarten teachers love our CRCC children!

Our goal is to meet each child’s individual emotional, social, cognitive and physical needs in a relaxed, loving environment, free from personal criticism and excessive competition. Activities are fashioned that facilitate transition from one developmental stage to the next. These include activities in art, music, math, language, science, dramatic play, fine and gross motor development.

san diego preschool

Frog Class

For our youngest two year old children.

san diego preschool

Caterpillar Class

For older 2 and younger 3 year olds.

san diego preschool

Fish Class

For older 3 and younger 4 year olds.

san diego preschool

Butterfly Class

For ages 4 and 5.